Sunday, July 09, 2006

Wahoo's Fish Tacos

940 Auahi St in the Ward Gateway Center

Wahoo's is a chain of fish taco restaurants from California. The menu is cute although very standardized...choose your filling (blackened fish/chicken, spicy fish/chicken, beef, veggie), choose your entree type (burrito, taco, rice bowl etc), and any additional 'extras' (like chips, rice, beans) you want to add.

The restaurant is tiny inside but there is spacious outdoor seating. You place an order and pay at the counter upon entering, and then your meal is delivered to your table. The waitstaff are all very friendly and helpful.

Spicy chicken burrito:

I ordered a spicy chicken outer reef burrito ($6.99). It was a huge burrito, very moist. I'd definitely order it again. The only thing I wish Wahoo's had was a build-your-own salsa bar, like some tex-mex places on the mainland have. The plate was a little empty (no chips, salsa, etc), just the burrito and a tiny slice of lime.

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