Monday, July 03, 2006

Review: Boba Loca

Boba Loca

2615 S. King St. #104, 942-1770

So Boba Loca is actually a chain ( from CA I believe, but I give them a huge thumbs up for the best quality, consistency, and creativity with bubble tea.

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I drank a LOT of bubble tea when I was in Shanghai, and I have to say I'm somewhat of a purist. I don't like all of those funky flavors; I stuck to the tea flavor (because in China they generally use the powders for all of the fruity flavors). Well, BL may have converted me.

Yum...there is my chai frappe boba...

I had the chai frappe with boba, and Jane ordered a jasmine milk tea with boba. Both were amazing! The boba were perfect consistency...nice and soft but not mushy, and chewy. The chai frappe was just amazing; it was like a chai-flavored milkshake. Super rich and creamy.

I can't wait to go back and try the other flavors they have: almond, red bean, milk tea, lavender, fruit smoothies, and all sorts of other onolicious stuff.

The place also serves sushi and some hot food. It's a very nice atmosphere, sort of the 'Starbucks' of boba...clean, well-lit, lots of seating, magazines, a pleasant atmosphere. 2 thumbs up!

Jane by the seating area

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