Sunday, July 02, 2006

U Choice Inn

U Choice Inn
801 Kaheka St

There are a bunch of food takeout places outside Daiei (well, I guess I should call it Don Quixote now), one of which is U Choice Inn. It's similar to Panda Express, with Chinese plate lunch, but also has dim sum and shaved ice.

I used to come here for manapua all of the time. I came back for the first time in awhile, today.

Here is the manapua (steamed) that I ordered. It was massive (rightfully so, since it now costs a whopping $1.15, although now that I am back from China I think everything in Hawaii is way overpriced), but turned out to be all bread.

Here's a pic of the insides

which shows there's just not that much meat inside. The filling is tasty though, meaty (not fatty chunks) and sweet.

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