Friday, July 07, 2006

Just Tacos (Downtown)

Just Tacos
111 Bishop St
Remington College food court

I went to Just Tacos based on very good reviews I had read (must’ve been in the Advertiser or Honolulu Weekly) and because it’s just a few blocks away from my office.

I ordered the super taco ($3.75): 2 corn tortillas (fresh off the grill) and your choice of meat. I ordered the barria (stewed beef? Pork? Although I prob would’ve preferred plain grilled chicken). Luckily I had read in the review of Just Tacos that these are not American-style tacos (with the veggies, cheese and sour cream) but even still, I was not prepared for what I got: literally 2 (small but thick) corn tortillas covered with meat. Nothing else! Very different.

Here's my taco, covered with salsa & pico de gallo

There was, however, a salsa bar on the side, so I got to cover my taco with pico de gallo, cilantro, and mild salsa. So that made it look more like a regular taco. Overall, it was tasty…the meat was a little too juicy, so the tortilla completely fell apart, and the meat was a little heavy for me, but I’d go back.

The most popular item on the menu was the taco salad $5.25). I was a little confused when I saw everyone ordering it (don’t you know how unhealthy it is?) but then I realized why it was so popular after I got my taco. Because it is a typical American taco salad, with all of the fixings on top.

I also ordered a flan for dessert ($1.75). I was expecting something more similar to a creamy crème brulee, but this was sort of spongey (like cottage cheese) and super sweet. Eh, no need to get that next time.

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