Thursday, July 06, 2006

Pearl's Korean BBQ

Pearls Korean BBQ
Manoa Marketplace

Went here for lunch with John and Sara, as an easy to get to alternative to Yummy's for Korean bbq. I ate off John's combination plate (meat jun & mandoo) and ordered a bubble tea, after I saw an advertisement on the wall saying 'Hawaii's best bubble tea!" Now I know not to believe posters on the wall, because the bubble tea was nothing to write home about. They do the kine bubble tea that is like a smoothie...frozen & blended. The bubbles at the bottom were too hard.

I also wouldn't go back for the combination plate either. The rice was too dry, the vegetables weren't well flavored (kind of bland, the kim chi was not spicy enough), and the meat was just OK.

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Sally D said...

I just love bbq, anything thats well cooked or smoked I adore.