Sunday, July 16, 2006

Shopping: Palama Market

Palama Market

Right around the corner from Kaheka Daiei is Palama market. It was a fun cultural experience to go wander around this Korean grocery store (I actually went because I was looking for a Korean manicurist, but didn’t find one). In the front they have a Korean bbq and a bubble tea/fresh juice stand.

The grocery store has a wide selection of fresh food, meats, kim chi, frozen foods, and dry goods to choose from. The highlight was probably the kim chi bar (just like a salad bar, but with every type of kim chi you could imagine!) they also had this really interesting make-your-own bibimbap package: it came with the fresh veggies, cooked meat, and bibimbap sauce. All you had to do is cook some rice and stir it all together!

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