Thursday, July 20, 2006

Review: Da Spot

Da Spot
908 Pumehana Street

I’d read good things about Da Spot online several places (here and here ) so I figured I’d go check out Da Spot for lunch today since I didn’t have to work. It’s on Pumehana St by Helen’s Party Store, near Waiola St. Tiny little place, but super cute inside with paintings of palm trees and waves on the wall. All of the surfers were coming in for lunch after surfing when I was there.

Da Spot offers plate lunch (Egyptian, Mediterranean, or Italian), sandwiches, and smoothies. I ordered the spicy garlic chicken plate, which came with 9 (!) grape leaves (or you can choose white rice), a huge serving of spicy garlic chicken, yogurt sauce, salad, and a piece of baklava. The grape leaves were delicious…tightly rolled, the rice was so soft it was almost creamy, flecks of tomato (or red pepper?) and a nice tangy-sour lemon juice flavor. The food sat in my car (well, John’s car) for a few hours before I had a chance to eat it, and the garlicky goodness smell was almost overwhelming. I couldn’t wait to try it! The spicy garlic chicken was both spicy and garlicky. It was stewed with mushrooms, tomatoes, and onions, and the owner told me they cook everything without oil.

Apparently the menu changes everyday, but some other items on today’s menu that I can’t wait to try are the Egyptian baked chicken, red curry, and chicken vegetable curry. They also had some pastas, chicken parm, and a long list of sandwiches that I didn’t even read, because I was so overwhelmed by the list of entrees! Can’t wait to go back for a sandwich and smoothie.


Anonymous said...

I just had the Thai Basil Chicken. Same chicken garlic base, w/ Basil, on brown rice. No baklava today, so got extra greens.


Anonymous said...

I had their Moroccan honey bbq chicken at KCC and had a very bad stomach ache 10 minutes after I ate it. Good thing I only ate half of it. Perhaps because they had it at the wrong temp. for too long.