Monday, July 24, 2006

Korean BBQ Express

Korean BBQ Express
Korean BBQ Express,
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Korean BBQ Express
Ward Warehouse

I went to this (rather generic looking) Korean bbq joint at Ward Warehouse on the recommendation of a Punahou parent, who says that Sam’s Korean BBQ on Nu’uanu Ave has the freshest side dishes, and that this BBQ hut at Ward Warehouse is run by the same owner.

I ordered the tofu soup, which came with rice and 4 choices of sides. I had the kim chi, long rice, cabbage and bean sprouts. I think there were about ten side dishes to choose from. The tofu soup was not quite what I was expecting. I was expecting more of a tofu jiggae soup (thick and spicy) but I got a clear broth. It was spicy, but it tasted strongly of pork bones, as if the soup had been made from a pork butt and boiling all day long. I know that flavor is highly desirable to some people, but I just can’t appreciate it. In the soup were chunks of tofu, onions, and zucchini.

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Kathy said...

Hi Pia!
Da Spot is such a great place! Their strawberry haupia smoothie is sooo good and I've always wanted to try the Egyptian plate lunches. The one you had must have been a great deal - 9 grape leaves! Oh, thanks for that post! now my stomach is growling, lol :)

pia said...

hi kathy!

ooh, now i am dying to go back and get a strawberry haupia smoothie...i'm definitely trying it next time i'm there!