Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday dinner @ Town (picture heavy)

The family took our annual visit to Town last night. I'd picked Wednesday, because I was hoping to try "wine down Wednesdays" at Town...which I had read about on Twitter and seemed to be a $25/3 course with wine tasting dinner, to help pick their "diner favorites" on the wine list. Unfortunately when we arrived, the lovely hostess (the stunning hula dancer Beverly Noa, Ed Kenney's mother) told us that we had to pre-book for the special, so we went with the regular menu.

Focaccia and baguette to start, with amazing EVOO:
Homemade mozzarella with prosciutto, roasted eggplants and saba (a balsamic reduction):
Mussels with perfectly toasted bread:
Twice fried french fries...nice & crispy
Town's take on the Zuni Chicken & Bread salad: perfectly roasted chicken, tatsoi greens, croutons and roasted fruit (grapes??):"
Hand cut pasta with sugo sauce (pork gravy)
Pan roasted opa on roasted vegetables:
Salted chocolate pretzel tarte (baked by Chris!): this won rave reviews
Brown butter almond rich...
And a final palate cleanser -- grapefruit campari sorbet
An outstanding meal!

3435 Waialae Ave. (corner of 9th)


self indulgence said...

I just noticed that a link to my blog is on your blog. I am absolutely flattered. Your blog is fantastic; I especially love your "picture-heavy" town post. Keep up the good work :)

pcc said...

Mahalo! Sorry I am so slow to reply to your comment. I love your new blog and all the amazing photos & amazing places you are blogging about.