Thursday, December 02, 2010

Aiea/Pearl City fieldtrip: Bravo & Ice Garden

Took a little trip for work last week out to Pearl City, so we wanted to go somewhere new for lunch. One of my co-workers is from Pearl City, so was giving us a list of options to try for lunch. After her description of the garlic bread at Bravo, I knew that would be my vote of where to eat!

Here are the famous garlic bread rolls: dripping with butter and garlic
I had the lunch special: small garden salad and small portion of any pasta (I chose the rigatoni with meatballs); it was about $7

For dessert, we went over to Ice Garden (which is by Aiea Bowl). It's run by two sweet little old ladies who look like they have been making shave ice forever. If you are a fan of super smooth (no icy bits) shave ice, you need to try this!

The menu: 30 types of bowls!
Making the shave ice
The most popular order in our group: custard on top of shave ice, drizzled with condensed milk
My order (it was amazing!): red beans, green beans, mochi balls, taro, and oatmeal, drizzled with condensed milk. Around $4.

Pearl Ridge Center
98-115 Kaonohi St
487-5544 (no reservations)
Ice Garden
99-080 Kauhale St
Aiea Shopping Center

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