Saturday, December 18, 2010

Really ono: Ono to go food truck

Ono To Go
I'm not really a big eater at lunch time. Yes, of course I have to eat something, but usually not too much (either because I've been snacking all morning, or because I want to run / workout in the afternoon and don't want too much in my stomach). You can ask my co-worker, who complains that I always make him feel bad for eating so much more than I do.

Well, I've found a spot that is sooo good that even I was polishing off my plate. In my lunch truck search (previous trip to
Gogi Taco), I went to check out Ono To Go, a new-ish truck that just opened this fall. I'd been following their twitter and then read this fantastic story on them in Nonstop Honolulu so knew I had to go check it out.

What I loved:

+ They stay in the same location all week
+ The guys working there are so nice and checked up on all their customers to make sure they enjoyed their meal
+ The rice (choice of white or brown, so moist & perfectly cooked)
+ Everything on the menu (especially the poke / kalua pig bowl)

Truck from the outside:

The grill: Poke combo bowl with kalua pig & cabbage ($7)

Bbq combo plate: chicken & steak

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