Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Hog Island BBQ in Kaimuki

Hog Island BBQ
Continuing with my recent Southern fascination, I went to Hog Island BBQ in Kaimuki (and I wonder why I keep gaining weight this year...must stop eating so much.) I am always amazed when I read Kathy’s blog because she consumes seemingly endless quantities of amazing food, yet remains stick thin. I also appreciate Padma Lakshmi’s interviews that she gives, where she tells viewers that she gains 10-15 pounds during a season of filming her show, and is just careful about what she eats after the season to get back down to her regular weight.

Anyhoo, after my recent obsession with Southern cuisine, I had to try Hog Island BBQ. It's a cute little place in Kaimuki, in the same tiny building as Himalayan Kitchen. There's a big 'ol smoker in the tiny little ordering area, which seemed super authentic. There's no seating inside, but there are tables & chairs available upstairs on the roof if it's not too hot.

I ordered the brisket plate (I love me some brisket). You choose your meat (small / med / large), and 2 sides. Meats include beef brisket, pulled pork, chicken breast or baby back ribs. Sides were tough to pick: mac & cheese, cranberry slaw, baked beans, dirty rice, scalloped potatoes or jasmine rice.

Here's my brisket plate. I liked that the meat was so nice and dry, but it was lacking in a smoky enough flavor.

3 stars at Yelp
1137 11th Ave
Ste 102

Honolulu, HI 96816
(808) 734-1333

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Anonymous said...

This looks amazing! I'm new to your blog..I'll be checking the beach pic!

Heather in Louisiana