Tuesday, January 31, 2012

He'eia Pier

I’d read such great things about Heeia Pier and General Store on Non-stop Honolulu as well as on the Ono Kine Grindz food blog, so I had very high expectations for this place. It had been advertised as a high-end, gourmet plate lunch. Oh, and I’d also tried Mark Noguchi’s cooking at Paepae o He'eia’s 10th anniversary fundraiser (the Heeia fishpond), so I know the guy can cook. I was looking forward to a lot of local produce and proteins, local fish, Kuahiwi beef, etc. I was on the windward side for a community meeting on a Saturday morning, and figured since I was already there, I might as well drive over to He'eia.

It’s a great location -- at the end of the Heeia pier. It was actually buzzing with activity - fishing boats (?) and a lot of tour groups going snorkeling / scuba diving / sailing / etc. I had no idea how busy it is over there! So it makes perfect sense to have a casual lunch spot - capturing all of the tourists.

But I must’ve picked an off day, because the menu (other than the burger plate) was very average and not advertised as anything local. I ended up going with a teri beef plate and the fried rice plate (both to take home to share with my parents.) We all agreed that the best thing about the plates was the salad dressing (sesame) on the green salad was the highlight of the meal. Will have to go back again and look for some of the o’io, ahi or aku on the menu...I've seen such unique looking items on other blogs that I'll have to give it another try.

Driving out to the pier...gorge!

Walking up to the "shack"

 Outside ordering

Teri beef plate with local greens
 Fried rice plate

  Update: 4/23/2012
Latest lunch here (some new dishes! although it's still hit or miss what is on the menu when you go)
Fried ono sandwich

Pork belly katsu with honey mustard & bbq sauce

Hamburger steak with ulu - kalo mac salad

Grilled chicken with ulu - kalo mac salad

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