Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Recent sweet treats: Palm d'Or, Bubbies & Bubble tea in Chinatown

Sweet treats

There was a line out the door on a Friday evening after Christmas (this was a few weeks ago...oops!). All the kids were back home for Christmas vacation and wanted to get one last Bubbie's before they headed back to the mainland.
What a classic - it hasn't changed in years.
Fridge case of all their hilarious ice cream cakes.
The mochi ice cream list keeps expanding...with seasonal flavors including candy cane, red velvet, strawberry chocolate chip, chocolate egg nog and cranberry.

The signs haven't changed in 20 years.
Mmmm strawberry cheesecake ice cream.
And some mochi ice cream.
There's a new bubble tea shop at Maunakea Marketplace. Feels like it's straight out of Hong Kong. It's in the center courtyard, right next to my favorite spot for fruity drinks, Thangs. I just realized I don't even know what this place is called. But it's easy to recognize with the poster of drinks, the pot of boiled corn, and the pictures of Chinese waffles.

Left: milk tea with grass jelly (xuan cao nai cha? my mandarin is failing me) and right: soy milk matcha bubble tea. Both were delish. The milk tea was super strong, like only in HK.
And then new to me: Palme d'Or at Ala Moana Shopping Center. Left: strawberry cream drink (tasted like a melted strawberry milkshake). Right: iced tea with pineapple jelly on the bottom. Perfect for a girly tea stop after shopping.
The case of fancy Japanese pastries.

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