Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Good Eats sub shop in Kakaako

Good Eats
I feel bad for the people running Good Eats sandwich shop on South Street. Apparently they had a lock on the lunch crowd in the Kakaako neighborhood...they were the only ones offering sandwiches amidst a sea of heavy plate lunch places. BUT THEN, Subway came and opened up shop a good two blocks closer to all the office buildings in the area, and now no one is willing to make the trek down to Good Eats.

I’d never heard of them until I saw the Groupon deal they ran, and probably wouldn’t have even purchased it if I wasn’t looking at a job in the area, but lucky for me, I did. I’m not a huge sandwich person, so I don’t get swayed by the group to eat at Subway at lunch time, but if I am in the mood for an amazing sandwich, I definitely head over to Good Eats.

You can design your own, or pick from the amazing list of choices they’ve already come up with. I’d definitely go with one of those. I’ve probably tried half of them by now, and they are all amazing. Turkey avo clubs, roast beef with pesto, and on and on. You get to pick from a wide variety of breads (looks like a Costco selection) - I like the squaw myself.

Sandwiches are about $7. Window has signs advertising soups and mac & cheese, but haven’t tried either of those yet...

Good Eats Subs & Stuff
South Street in Kakaako

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