Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Town (revisited)

3435 Wai'alae Ave
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I could barely walk as we left Town on Friday night, after being stuffed to the gills since our good friend Chris (local boy who has experience at French Laundry) is working as a chef there, and designed a special 5-course menu to make sure we could try all of his favorite dishes.

We started with the ahi poke (with tarragon) on a crisp risotto cracker:

Then we moved onto a green salad with mango, roasted pecans, avocado, cucumber and green goddess dressing:
For the pasta course, we tried both the gnocchi in brown butter with baby corn and tomatoes, and the risotto:

Entrees were pork cheeks (so rich and falling apart in your mouth) with polenta and collard greens (stir fried with raisins and pine nuts I believe) and then pan fried opah, served in a tomato fennel (nice citrusy taste) broth with roasted veggies.

At this point (well, actually after the gnocchi) I could barely eat another bite. But then we got two desserts: a 20 layer crepe cake (with whipped cream in between each layer, and earl grey infused dried plums on the deliciously rich) and a brown butter almond financier (sp?) - kinda like a cupcake with almond paste, served with whipped cream and a sliver of preserved grapefruit peel.

Jane and I felt like such VIPs after that meal, thanks to the awesome staff at Town, that we don't think we can ever enjoy eating as anonymous diners who actually have to order their own meals off the menu again! Thanks, Chris!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lunch Time Grinds!

My goodness! I've been to town once and it was phenominal! I had the duck confit plus all those dang desserts!

Since you recently visited, how is the actual taste and ambiance of town? Still eclectic and funky?

Thanks for the awesome post!


pcc said...

hi lauren,

yup - the food is still delish, and the ambiance is great. i wouldn't say funky but the night we were there, town had a real cross section of hawaii, all different types are coming for the good food.