Monday, June 23, 2008

Mo'ilili: India Market & Well Bento

I went down to Mo'ilili for lunch try out Well Bento: the healthy bento, or 'gourmet macrobiotic takeout fusion' as they like to call themselves. The premise is vegetarian bentos with whole grains (brown rice) and 'healthy' cole slaw and mac salad (I believe it's vegan, but not sure how low fat it actually is).

Their menu is divided into 'vegetarian' options and 'transitional' options for those of us who still like to eat meat :) I decided to try the veg option, since I was there. I almost ordered the grilled tofu, since I knew it would be good since I like tofu, but decided to branch out and order the grilled seitan (wheat gluten) instead to try something new.

It was actually pretty good (although super salty), with their homemade vegetarian 'gravy' covering all the brown rice in the pic below, but for $10 for a vegetarian lunch, I would've expected that Well Bento could use biodegradable corn packaging, instead of a styrofoam box....

While I was there, I visited India Market, which is in the same complex, kind of across from Star Market. I was in India a few months ago and took a cooking class, so I was excited to find the availability of herbs, spices, pickles, and Indian ingredients that are available here. I bought some fantastic lime pickle and some tamarind puree.

The outside of India Market:

I had to try a samosa while I was there :) (only avail on M/W/F/Sat)
They also have South Pacific groceries, like these taro leaves in coconut cream
Packaged curry and spice mixes
Frozen food section (with kulfi ice cream!!)
Packaged crispies like sev and bhel puri mix:

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