Wednesday, June 11, 2008

St. Louis Drive Inn

St. Louis Drive Inn
3145 Waialae Avenue
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The always crowded parking lot

Right across from St. Louis school on Waialae is the super old school St. Louis Drive Inn. One parking lot - both the drive inn (hamburgers and stuff) and the okazu-ya. Both places are always packed, and the tiny parking lot can be impossible to get in and out of.

The day we went, we ordered from the okazu-ya menu (based on Tasty Island's rave review of the chow fun! ). I gotta say, I still go with Island Manapua's chow fun as the best. But St. Louis did have the cheapest okazu-ya food I've ever had...we had the Plate C, which was like $5 and included chow fun, musubi, fried chicken, potato fritter (andagi with the thinnest slice of sweet potato ever inside), luncheon sides of extra chow fun (for my brother), namasu and nishime, all for around $8. Basically verrrrry heavy on the carbs and oil. Tasty, but not the most amazing lunch I've had.

Plate 'C' (I think it was C at least...)

Extra plate with namasu, nishime & chow fun ($3)

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Scott Free said...

I love this place! The chow fun is delicious, as is the fried chicken. I used to walk here all the time, as I grew up on the other side of the block. And W&M i.e. just down the street...