Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Waiola's Shave Ice


This is a non-downtown post, but I have to mention it since I've been having daily Waiola's cravings. Shave ice is a sensitive subject in Hawaii. Everyone has their own preference and it can get _very personal_ when you're discussing your favorites.

My personal favorite is Waiola's. I've been devoted to them since high school cross country practices, where it was a tradition to run to Waiola's on Wednesdays (our recovery practice day), eat shave ice, and walk back to school.

Today Waiola's is owned and run by a Taiwanese family, so they incorporate local shave ice (with all of the traditional flavors plus lilikoi, guava, li hing mui, and others...) with Taiwanese shave ice (bing sha) treats: azuki bean, mochi balls, flan, on top of your shave ice, all topped with sweetened condensed milk.

The secret to Waiola's shave ice though, is the ice. It's shaved so finely that you can barely tell you're eating ice, it's more like you're eating a super soft sherbet...yum!

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