Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Review: Bishop Street Cafe

Bishop Street Cafe
725 Bishop St near Queen St

Eh, this was my least favorite of the downtown lunch spots to date (June 26). Bishop Street Cafe serves a wide range of lunchtime dishes: salads, bento, teishuku sets, donburi and pasta. At first I thought prices were quite reasonable for downtown ($3.99 - $5.99 for most dishes) but then I found out what tiny portions they serve! Now, I don't even eat very large meals (I'm one of those grazers who eats all day) but even I was hungry after lunch, and the salads that my friends dining with me weren't very big either.

I ordered the grilled salmon bento ($4.99). It came with a tiny serving of salmon (I'd guess 3 oz), rice with furikake, a tiny scoop of potato salad, and exactly 3 soybeans. The salmon was pretty bland (it could've used some salt or anything), the rice was just average (not nice Japanese rice), the soybeans were undercooked. The highlight of the meal was the potato salad (had a faint hint of wasabi).

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