Friday, June 30, 2006

Review: Palomino

Harbor Court - Mezzanine
66 Queen Street

I've been to Palomino now both for lunch and Friday happy hour, and let me tell you that both times are packed! For lunch, we had to have a reservation, and for happy hour we arrived around 5:30 pm and had to sit in the back at one of the last available tables.

There were too many ono looking choices on the menu at lunch for me to pick, so I went with a combo plate (you can select two from their salad, sandwich or soup). I had a half spinach and blue cheese salad, and half of a hot dungeness crab sandwich. While both were tasty, the combination of the two was way too heavy (the salad came dressed, even though I asked for dressing on the side, and it was a creamy mayo type dressing, and the sandwich was covered in mayo and cheese) and I felt ill after lunch.

We went to happy hour cuz of the half price appetizers and $3 drinks. All of the draft beers are $3, including Hefeweizen, Newcastle, Sam Adams, and a couple of other very interesting looking European beers.

Again, I didn't do a very good job of ordering. We had the cheese fondue (3 types of cheese covered with crushed pistachios) served with crispy flatbread, pear and apple slices, and warm honey. Then we had a sausage pizza, which was basically the same flatbread, the same 3 cheeses, and some sausage on top. I think the appetizers are regularly around $10 (they were generous servings), so at happy hour they are $5.

Sausage pizza...look at all that sausage...

3-cheese fondue plate

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