Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Review: Royal Kitchen (dim sum)

Royal Kitchen
100 N Beretania St #175

We have 2 places in Chinatown we go to pick-up dim sum: Char Hung Sut and Royal Kitchen. Char Hung Sut is just the basics, but they're stood up over the test of time: steamed char siu bao, pork hash, ma tai soo, and chow fun. Royal Kitchen has more options: char siu bao (steamed or baked), lup cheong, coconut, azuki bean, or curry bao.

I had a baked char siu bao (eh, not very impressed, the bread was a little dry), this excellent sticky rice (with veggies in it and wrapped in a dumpling wrapper), and a white rice cake. Total $2.50.

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