Sunday, March 11, 2012

Use those green mangoes!

After all the crazy winds we've been having here on O'ahu, I saw plenny green mangoes littering the streets around my house. I wanted to use them for instead of making mango chutney, I made an Indian green mango pickle (recipe). It's great spicy-sour flavor as an addition to Indian curries, on naan bread, or with lentils.

What the finished product will look like (I hope):

Sliced green mango (it was softer and easier to slice than I expected. Leave the skin & seed in)
 Covered with spices: chili powder, tumeric powder, whole mustard seeds, and whole fennel seeds
 Shake; cover with oil.

It's sitting outside on the deck in the sun for the next two (or 15? according to some recipes) days...

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