Monday, March 12, 2012

Ethiopian pop-up (Addis Ababa) for the next two weeks!

I've been meaning to try the Ethiopian pop-up restaurant, Addis Ababa, for months now. They used to have a spot every Thursday evening at J2 on Waialae in Kaimuki. That closed down (maybe before Christmas 2011?) though, so I didn't have any chance for the past few months.

When I saw the post on Biting Commentary that AA was opening up at the Pacific Gateway Center in Chinatown for 3 Saturdays only, I booked a table for 6 immediately. I sent it out to all my curious eating/foodie friends and got a group of 8 together for last Saturday.

You can choose a 6 pm or 730 pm seating. When we arrived at 730, all the tables were still full, so we sat at the bar to wait (bonus: it's BYOB!!).

Once we were seated, we perused the prix fixe menu. $25 including appetizer, main course, and dessert/coffee. Main courses included beef (spicy or coriander), lamb, chicken, shrimp, fish or vegetarian.

Appetizer: vegetarian ethiopian spring rolls
 Spring roll innards:
 Main course: injera (spongy fermented crepe), roasted lamb, surrounded by a bunch of veggies, including cabbage, purple cabbage, beets, salad, and kale (or some leafy green). It needed some hot sauce -- we asked our server to bring us 4 servings of it!
 The happy group
 Dessert: chocolate cake and Ethiopian coffee (with something herbal floating in it)
Verdict: a good deal, a unique evening out, and supporting the family who runs the place...but needs some more flavor if I am going to go back.

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