Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I heart Chinatown pho

I ate a lot of pho in Saigon earlier this year, and more recently in Melbourne, Australia where there is a large contingent of recently immigrated Vietnamese, so they have some pretty amazing pho there too. But I always love coming home and going down to Chinatown for pho.

Today -- first time ever -- I made it to River Street to each lunch. Usually the line is too long, or I am too impatient and I just eat it somewhere closer to downtown, like Pho Mai Lan or Vietnam Cafe. But today, since we weren't eating until 2 pm, it meant that there was no line at Pho To Chau (1007 River St). Yay!

Here is my happiness ($6 for a "regular" which I guess is there smallest size)

They bring out a cute little dish of chili sauce, and then there is sri racha, plum sauce, and fish sauce on the table. Very generous with the veggies and herbs too!

Pho To Chau
1007 River St

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