Monday, March 28, 2011

New vs old-school Korean: Duck Butt & Ja Gal Chi

Ja Gal Chi made Yelp's list of Korean restaurants you need to try on Oahu. It's a small little place off of Keaumoku St that is known for its soon doo bu (tofu stew). Front of the menu: Inside of menu: sometimes it's tough to understand what exactly the dishes are!
The house rice is sticky purple rice...exciting!

Here is the famous soon doo bu - this was by far the best dish we had. On the right is the kim chee pancake - I wouldn't order this again. Way too doughy and heavy.

Meat jun: this was ok but not amazing
Whoops, here are the ban chan that came with our meal. Nice but not stellar
To get a different perspective on Korean food in the Ala Moana / Kaka'ako area, we also went to Cafe Duck Butt, a karaoke bar in Kaka'ako. They have happy hour every day until 7 or 8 pm!

Inside view of the bar; lots of booths + a few private karaoke rooms
No ban chan (the bar setting) so we started right in with the kim chee pancake.
Shrimp tempura
Poke (rec by the waitress)
Spicy mochi with hard boiled egg
Cafe Duck Butt
901 Kawaiahao St Honolulu, HI 96814

(808) 593-1880

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