Tuesday, October 06, 2009

taiwanese bubble tea: coffee or tea?

coffee or tea?
1960 Kapiolani Boulevard
McCully Shopping Center

Honolulu, HI 96826
(808) 942-4357

i visited coffee or tea today after reading a long list of very passionate reviews (both positive and negative) on yelp, including some saying that this was the best bubble tea in hawaii.

it's a cute little place in mcccully shopping center on the first floor, next to fantastic sams. they said the milk tea (with either tapioca, tea jello or one other chewy thing that i can't remember, $3.50) and the jasmine milk tea ($3.75) are their best sellers. i got a sample of the bubble milk tea and it was definitely good! the bubbles were perfectly chewy and not too hard.

i ordered a lilikoi green tea ($3.75) with tea jelly ($0.75). the drink is made of lilikoi syrup and green tea, no milk.

see the jelly at the bottom?? it's like jello, very bland though. just nice and chewy :) starbucks in china does a coffee jelly in the frappuccino during the summer, and that very clearly tastes like it's made from coffee, but this one was much more neutral.
you can also order the jelly or pudding by itself:

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