Sunday, November 12, 2006

Trader Joe's

So I was on the mainland recently and got to shop at Trader Joe’s. Since I know everyone in Hawaii would die to have one here, I thought I’d post some pics of the yummy stuff I got there. (Unfortunately I was in Philadelphia, so there was no ‘2 buck chuck’ since PA doesn’t allow grocery stores to sell alcohol)

In the picture:

Focaccini – I bought these cuz they looked nice and cheesy but I was disappointed

Reduced carb whole wheat tortillas – I’m not into the low-carb diet, but I like these tortillas because they are softer than normal ones

Danish Blue cheese – for salads

Cantare Olive Tapenade – we can get this at Hawaii Costco! (I read in Fortune magazine that Hawaii Costco has the highest per square foot sales of any Costco store in the US)

Trader Joe’s private label Gazpacho – very raw, heavy on the onions

Trader Joe’s private label Dolmas – yum. These are awesome. I threw them into salads. I’d never had refrigerated dolmas, but they held up well.